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  • Jesus Garcia-Parrado Alameda 19:02 el 13 de January de 2013 Permalink | Responder
    Etiquetas: New year resolution   

    New Year RE-SOLUTION

    I wonder why thirty first of December morning is a good time to wash the window; we have hundreds of things to do in preparation of the overnight event, but I don’t know why someone decides that clean up the window would be a great idea. Nothing wrong with this, but accidents happen and meanwhile the window is being wash, accidentally fell and the glass get broken.


    I was not present when all of this happened; when I come into the room there is a cardboard replacing the broken glass, everyone was looking for some isolating tape to fix the cardboard to the window. I joined to the emergency team, and looked for some tape that I had saved from a job I did during the summer.

    It just takes few minutes to reassemble everything, and we decide to paint the cardboard just because in Christmas time and the cardboard regular brown color looks sad. Finally we signed, and added some greetings, we asked people to do the same, the result was awesome.

    Find out what is wrong and fix it would be challenging, but will be easier with some help and the right attitude.



  • Jesus Garcia-Parrado Alameda 8:57 el 12 de August de 2012 Permalink | Responder  

    Mi escritorio favorito. 


  • Jesus Garcia-Parrado Alameda 18:12 el 11 de August de 2012 Permalink | Responder  

    Un invento!!!!! 


    Puedes llevar mas cómodamente 750 ml de agua (o tu bebida favorita), el mosquetón para las llaves es el complemento perfecto, un toque.

  • Jesus Garcia-Parrado Alameda 21:02 el 4 de August de 2012 Permalink | Responder  

    El efecto Pomodoro 

    La planta lo ha hecho todo, a mi me ha tocado cuidarla y esperar. Ha superado todas mis expectativas!!!!

  • Jesus Garcia-Parrado Alameda 20:50 el 4 de August de 2012 Permalink | Responder  

    A la vuelta de la esquina 

    Acércate a la esquina y por si acaso, mira. Porque nunca se sabe…

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